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Gumby is an experience and sought after instructor who is renowned for his knowledge and ability to teach the concepts and techniques of Jiu Jitsu in a simple, logical and fun way!

BJJ Black Belt 4th Degree

Gumby began training in 1996 and received Ralph’s own black belt in 2006.  Gumby founded his own school Heroes Martial Arts in 2009

Voice of Jiu Jitsu in America

As a founder of OntheMat.com / OTM Gumby was a pioneer in the Jiu Jitsu scene working with all of the major promotions and athletes, and earned himself the nickname as the “Voice of Jiu Jitsu in America”. 


Gumby has promoted around 30 black belts, who have been noted as both competitors and coaches in their own right.  “Jiu Jitsu should be challenging but fun, and that every moment on the mat should be time well spent.”

 Modern Fundamentals

“I prefer a Fundamental style of Jiu Jitsu with concepts and techniques that can make an immediate impact in someone’s game. I respect the history of Jiu Jitsu and can speak a lot to where Jiu Jitsu has come from, but more importantly where Jiu Jitsu is going


Gumby not only gives an excellent seminar wanted to provide the best possible experience for attendees, as a school owner he is well aware of the challenges of promoting and scheduling. Make it a great experience for students, staff and owners!

Speaking Engagements

As a motivational speaker, Gumby draws on his unique experience as a black belt, entrepreneur and world traveller to speak on individual betterment and team building.

Privates Lessons

With a vast store of knowledge and tons of experience teaching, a on one with Gumby can not only add techniques to your arsenal, but also give you a fresh perspective on your own Jiu Jitsu!